Education Innovation Hackathon

July 14th-15th
James Cook University
Townsville, Australia

The DevNQ Hackthon is a weekend-long programming and product design sprint. It brings together industry professionals, students and the community to find innovative solutions to advance our community and the the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hackathon

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where teams of programmers, designers and subject-matter-experts collaborate to complete a project in a limited time period to complete a project.

Who can participate?

Anybody can participate in the DevNQ Hackathon. We welcome participants of all skill levels and disciplines. Think about what skills you can bring and be prepared to adapt and learn new things to meet the needs of your team.


Where is the Hackathon?

The hackathon is being held on the Ground Floor of Building 34 at James Cook University in Townsville.

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the carpark adjacent to Building 34 off James Cook Drive. All parking at JCU is free during the event.

Can I come if I'm not competing?

Visitors are welcome to the event during daylight hours. We only ask you register with our event team on arrival.

Parents, guardians and teachers accompanying children will be permitted to stay throughout the event.


Does it cost anything to compete?

Entry costs $5.00. You can pre-pay this when you register for the event or pay at the door. This fee helps us cover the some of the costs of running the event.

How do I compete?

Competitors are required to register with EventBrite. Registrations are essential.

Do I have to stay for the whole event?

Competitors are encouraged to attend the opening, judging presentations and presentation ceremonies however, there is no requirement to stay for the entire event. Teams must be present for the judging presentations and presentation ceremonies to be eligable to win a prize.

Whilst teams are welcome to work the full 24 hours, we strongly encourage individuals to sleep for several hours at some point in the event. Check out the schedule page for figuring our the best time to grab some ZZZs.

What do I need to bring to compete?

You should bring whatever tools you might need to complete a project with your skills. We have some suggestions on what you may need:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Power and charging cables
  • Mouse and/or keyboard
  • Testing/demo devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Prototyping equipment


How do I join a team?

Find some friends, colleagues or others with like-minded ideas. Teams will have an opportunity to formulate ideas, pitch these to other participants and rearrange teams on the day. If you don't have a team come along and find a team doing something you want to help make a reality.

How big can my team be?

Competing teams can be from 1 to 5 members. Teams exceeding 5 members will not be accepted.


How do I come up with a project?

Think about your educational experiences and where they could have been improved. Theres heaps of great problems out there for the solving. If you need a little help check out our problem statements to help get the creative juices flowing.

Can I bring my own project?

Teams and individuals are welcome to bring their own project and ideas. However, we ask that you only present work completed during the hackathon for judging.

Food and Drink

Is food supplied at the event?

Four meals will be supplied at given times during the event. You can find out more information on these meals on the schedule page. Snacks, softdrinks, and hot tea and coffee will be provided throughout the event.

Is alcohol allowed?

The DevNQ Hackathon is an alcohol and drug free event. Please do not bring alcohol or illicit drugs. Softdrinks, water and other refreshments will be provided.

Can you cater to my special dietary requirements?

We try and cater to all the needs of all our event attendees. After registering contact us and let us know your requirements. We'll try our hardest to accommodate your requirements.