Education Innovation Hackathon

July 14th-15th
James Cook University
Townsville, Australia

The DevNQ Hackthon is a weekend-long programming and product design sprint. It brings together industry professionals, students and the community to find innovative solutions to advance our community and the the world.

Hackathon Schedule

Saturday July 14th 2018

10:00 AM Event Opening
Welcome to the event, explanation of problem statements, introduction of the officials and volunteers.
10:15 AM Team Formation and Ideation
An opportunity to find your team members, discuss the problem statements and build your idea.
11:00 AM Hackathon Start
The official hackathon start. You have 24 hours!
12:30 PM Lunch
Sandwiches and rolls - Sponsored by IT@JCU
6:30 PM Dinner
Dominos Pizza - Sponsored by SafetyCulture

Sunday July 15th 2018

8:00 AM Breakfast
Barbeque breakfast prepared by DevNQ volunteers
10:00 AM The countdown begins...
One hour remains to complete your project!
11:00 AM Hackathon Ends
Mouses down, hands away from the keyboard. Your time is up!
11:10 AM Judging Presentations
Present your creation for the opportunity to win prizes
12:00 PM Lunch
Subway Subs and Wraps - Sponsored by JESI
12:30 PM Presentation Ceremony
Presentation of awards and prizes
Just wanna check it out?

Visitors are welcome to attend the event for free in daylight hours. Please sign-in with the DevNQ team when you arrive.

We recommend checking out the judging presentations and presentation ceremony on Sunday.

Food and Energy

Whilst meals will be provided at set times there will be free snacks, softdrinks, and hot tea and coffee provided throughout the event.

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